Thursday, February 20, 2014

Jerusalem and The Magna Carta -- all in one day!

We were invited to attend a field trip-- THAT SOMEONE ELSE DID ALL THE LEG WORK FOR!  yeah!

We went to The Museum of Natural Science to see Jerusalem IMAX.   It was so good--

So beautifully.  And to see the places Jesus walked is humbling... 

I feared--with great reason-- that it would be politically motivated, but really it was wonderful.  They kept good perspective of the three relegions that were represented-- three girls took us on a journey around their Jerusalem. Each religion -- Christian, Jewish and Muslim have different parts if the city where they live and worship.  It was interesting from all the different perspectives. 

It explained what each religion "claim" was-- each Holy Site.  

I really enjoyed it! 

We shared lunch with our group and then left to go see THE MAGNA CARTA!

I cannot explain why I was so excited to see this exhibit.  But I was!! I have great respect for our Constitution..and for this document to be the FOUNDATION of that constitution is also humbling.

The church and PEOPLE... Fought the king(a) for decades to put on paper some laws that could restrain the power of the king.  Finally in 1215-- King John acquiesced but quickly nullified it afterward--- two years later King John died and King Henry (age 8) was crowned and a year later signed (actually his handler did as he could not read or sign) and sealed... Thus limiting his own future power.. 

And changing the landscape of feudalism into a modern nation -state..... Later giving freedom to our Founding Fathers to create a living document that put it's rights in the hands of the people... 

Could you SEE a better exhibit! 

We take a little time in the rest if the museum-- while we were there..

My favorite pic of the day!!!!

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