Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday Sum Up: Jan 27-31


Choir of course.....

How do you learn about Ockhams Razor if you are my nerdy kids?  By examining quotes from Spock and Sherlock Holmes of course.


It was our snow day / school day !


Later that afternoon we had our ALL OF A KIND FAMILY bookclub!

The girls dressed up like the kids in the book--- to celebrate Purim.

We ate Matza ball soup, Matza crackers, latza, challah bread and drank grape juice.

We learned about the lower east side and saw some pictures of THEN and NOW.

We played a game with pennies-- the girls in the book had to dust really well and would find 12 buttons if they dusted REALLY well!  The girls took turns hiding pennies...

We had a great time and all the girls REALLY seemed to enjoy the book.  It was a winner! We are reading Mary Poppins next!


Matt had physical therapy and we were supposed to finish up our book club for The Giver, but a migraine knocked me out-- rarely do they send me to my bed for 16 hours straight but this one did!  So Thursday kindof became the lost day.


the kids just did school most of the morning.. that afternoon we had a Keepers of the Faith meeting...

and more school afterwards.

NOT our best week, or our most productive week... but things got done.

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Brenda said...

All my hard work cutting felt. I was so productive.