Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 Bucket List

I always know that putting on paper things I want to accomplish allows for a "better" chance for it to actually get done.   Blogging about it greatly increases it's chances even more!

I have made bucket lists for different seasons... This year I am just doing one for the year in general--but can add to it as I need/ want to!

Of course blogging daily again is on the list!  I had no computer to use but with my laptop I should be ready to go!  I had to download a different browser and I am working on getting about 2,000 pictures in folders and organized... But after that I am blogging again!! I will be going back and covering some this fall but also keeping up with our school again and daily life at the Thompson household.. 

This isn't so much for any readers -- assuming I have any left!  :0). It is for myself and a record or our coming and goings!

2014 bucket list

Knit a complete item 
Crochet a complete item
Sew doll clothes
Sew curtains
Re-do dining chairs
Learn to cook a steak
Bake bread
Cut grocery budget by cooking  from scratch
Teach the girls to cook-- you tube videos
Start their recipe books
Take meals to people
Work on debt
Paint our room/ bath
Paint kitchen cabinets
Watch old musicals
Read great books
Visit museums
Study art with kids
Spend more time with grandparents
Play board games. (family game night)
Work on Riley's obedience training
Make cleaning schedule.. Work on following it!
Be consistent
Work on kids character and attitudes
Read Bible in a year!!!
Take pictures!!!
BLOG DAILY for myself
Print pics and frame!!
Go to the beach
Lose weight in a healthy way
Save all our change for 1 year--
Print pics for family members
Get family pics taken
Be kind and slow to speak
Go to the zoo
Be outside-- visit parks
Plan field trips
Be diligent in schooling
Finish things to completion!!!
Clean out house--- simplify!
Build kids wardrobe up
Invest in kitchen equipment
ACTUALLY do some DYI things for house decore!!!

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aneisa said...

I just wanted you to know I am still here and read your blogs. Sorry I don't respond as much as I used to. Maybe that's part of my bucket list for the year? ;) I love reading your stuff! *hugs*