Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I had it in my mind that I would blog every day.. and I have-- that Sunday post did not pull up on Sunday but it was written!  Anyhoo, I feel like I have nothing to write about.  My mind if a blank.  I have thousands of thoughts swirling around in there but nothing I CAN or am ready to put ON PAPER yet!

So some of my swirling thoughts include:
meal planning
did I mention finances and SCHOOL??

Dave and I HAVE to buckle down for three reasons:

1 we owe a ton in medical debt right now and I want it OFF my chest!
2. we have two VERY big trips planned this year and while we can pull off the basic TRIP-- driving, etc. we want to be able to pull off all the extras-- sightseeing, souvineers, fun eating out and adventure!
3. we simply are spending ineffectively and there is NO need for it!

We also have to buckle down on school for multiple reasons!

too many to number but really it is the kids school!

I am ordering tests from a company who only sends the results to US the parents!  I want to see where the kids are lacking and what holes need to be filled so I can plan accordingly for next year!  This years curriculum is set but I can move things around if needed for next year!

as far as the meal planning, relationships, weight, health....

I feel like I am doing my best.  I need to do more though or do it better!

There is always room for improvement!  I want to be INTENTIONAL... my word for the year.. I think again!

If only we were intentional in our choices we would reap so much more.

Intentional in what we spend.
Intentional in what we put in our mouth.
Intentional in what we do to our bodies.
Intentional in our relationships.
Intentional in everything!!!

SO that is my rambling thought for today.  You are welcome!


Sarah Frederick said...

Ahh the trip part is exciting!! :)

aneisa said...

Boy I hear ya! I have a million thoughts in my head and when I sit down to write....