Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Grading...bane of my existence and my Tapestry of Grace system

I understand that I am only grading three kids work, but it seems like I have hundreds and hundreds of papers a week!!!

I have added up an estimate of how many I really grade a week-- to give myself some perspective... 

7x5=35 MATH
12x2=24 TOG
7x1=7 TOG 
8x3=24 IEW
4x3=12 ENGLISH
3x4=12 SCIENCE
3x4=12 LATIN

Okay this is all subjects x days of weeks x number of pages I grade x students
Total is approx. 146 papers a week.  

This does NOT include re-grading corrections. 

So nothing to sneeze at, right! 

I need a system!! So at least for math, science and Math I have finally found what works-- at least for right now! 

Tapestry of Grace-

I make the kids a packet for each week.  It includes:
Reading assignments
People card and timeline
Student worksheets/ questions
Printouts for reading
And any additional graphs/ charts or pages they need to complete that weeks assignment.  

I hand it to them on Wed morning-- the beginning of our week.

I fill out their grading sheet..

On Tuesday I collect the finished packet. 

I grade them and as I grade I fill in the grading sheet.
They automatically get:
100 for reading period!
100 for discussing (I haven't had an issue with either one not participating but can lower that grade if they don't!)
Grade for different student activity pages i.e. Church history, government, accountability questions etc.
100 simply for reading the poetics assignment and a grade for any questions or assignments about Poetics
Grade for their weekly quiz
Any extra works to up their average if they did badly on a worksheet or quiz
And 100's for completing geography (map work), timeline or people cards.. 

I average all these together to get their weekly grade.

This was week one and I was VERY liberal in my grading-- subsequent weeks have lower grades on different areas! 

At the end of the year I will add the weekly grade, the unit test and the unit grade for the hands on project-- together and get their grade for the year !! 

 This is 8 weeks of Taspestry of Grace... That does not include any printouts.  

In order to break Tapestry up into different credits: literature, government, geography, world history etc.  if I decide to give them partial credits in any area I can go back through the weekly grade sheets and just get a grade from averaging all the weekly grades from one subject.. 

When grading--- if a question is totally wrong i "x" it, if it is partially right I mark it a 1/2 by it for half credit.. Upon doing corrections they get 1/2 credit on the WRONG ones and 3/4 credit on any corrected partial wrong ones.. 

If anything is late or undone they automatically start off -10.

I give extra credit for various things.. Not always the same thing !  Gotta keep them guessing!

When all is complete it is clipped and stored .  They will need their weeks back to study for the unit tests-- so they are kept handy. 


Well that is one example of my system for grading!  Sounds complicated but it really is simple and I believe fair-- they have consequences both good and bad, there is a chance to fix what you get wrong but you still lose points-- which is just how the real world works!  And it allows me to quickly go back and find what I need...

I am sure it will be tweeked but I am pleased with the system right now!

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