Monday, January 6, 2014

First Day Back to School....

I want one more week-- If I just had ONE more week I would feel so much better about starting everything back up again!  But, alas, no more break for me.  The kids are pretty much still behind where they should be although they are caught up to where we asked them to be.. well Kate is.  Matt, is a horse of a different color-- more on that later!  So school cannot be put off.. in fact, school is seriously going to happen around our house!  No excuses!  Their school books are traveling with them to and fro if needed.. Any books available are on Kindle and phones for assesibility at all times!  We have schedules and lesson plans and student assignment sheets.. WE ARE ORGANIZED!  Well we are about AS organized as we are going to get right now!

All my stuff I ***need*** for choir.  Laptop, tablet (for Kindle), lunch, knitting
School binder, purse, and coffee (out to side-- but its DECAF.)

I worked on school planning with a friend last week-- we were very successful.  We got our Keepers of the Faith planned out for the next few weeks.  The last thing the girls worked on were casserole badge.. we will be starting ettiquete and the older girls are starting babysitting in earnest...we will finish their personal safety badges and emergency preparedness too.... and others that are escaping my brain right now!

I have a NEW plan for choir.  Its called actually DO your school work while you are AT choir.  It is NOT all about the socialization!  It is very important of course but NOT at the cost of getting behind right now!  Do you notice all the caps!

Kate is going to work on her assignments and then visit with whatever time she has left.
Matt is working the WHOLE time.. because he is behind (see first paragraph-- more to follow).

Emily is pretty much working the whole time too.. not because she is SO behind but mostly to solve some issues we have with socialization during choir and running around (which doesn't work for Mommy)

They are all so pleased with this new schedule.  :0)
Actually Emily took it really well

I gave her a reward card with her school assignments plus attitude assignments!  And she gets a punch every time she accomplishes something.. 20 punches will earn her electronics when we get home.  So far it is working wonderfully.

from my webcam.  :0)

Matt has been working steadily-- although I wrote out his assignments and went over the assignments with him, he still managed to NOT bring everything he needed.. but the Kindle came into play so he could at least read.

Okay-- so Matt had no real consequence if he didn't catch up on work-- nothing to take away that really motivates. But he does have consequences until he is caught up -- loss of privilege and we are working on a way to reach him and find his motivation.. 

Okay.. Update over.. Weekly Wrap Ups will start back soon!!! 

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