Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A stitch in time...

So on my bucket list I had knitting and crocheting listed.. But I want to learn so many other things!!!

 I have completed two American Girl scarves,

 an American girl size blank and an infinitely scarf for Kaitlin!

I am working on a wash cloth, using a pattern-- makes my brain hurt a little. :0)

I like Bamboo better than aluminum, so far!  

I plan to work on crocheting too!! But so far knitting has been an easier fit.

I want to be able to crochet this...

I also want to learn to embroidery..

Like this...

And I am going to learn how to QUILT!!!

I know big plans!  But I AM encouraged that it is only 1/29 and I am already checking multiple things off my bucket list!  It's gonna be a good year people!

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Shannon said...

You can do it!!! And if you start with American Girl or Barbie size projects it's a win-win.