Saturday, January 18, 2014

Update on Matt

So I haven't updated on Matt in awhile!  He got his brace off before Christmas-- although he still wore it outside the house, anywhere it was crowded, for a couple of days.

He healed very nicely and originally the ortho had said no physical therapy was needed.

We got through Christmas and New Year and he was limping.  Dave and I called the doctor and they had a few thoughts but aren't worried.  

I was worried.  So I finally made an appointment and took him in for x rays.

The doctor after seeing his limp was a little more concerned.. So X-rays of his knee, growth plate and hip followed.. 

His ortho could see no further injury and decided it is just muscle memory and needs strengthening.

So physical therapy!

We (he) started on Saturday morning-- bright and early-- 

His therapist started with finding out where he was physically and where he wants to end up!

He said muscles in both legs- hamstrings and calves are extremely tight-- 

For instance he should be at 0 degree for certain measurements (I have no idea!) and he is at 13 degrees.  

So definitely there is much work to be done.

He will have therapy 3 times a week for 4 weeks and have stretches/ exercises 3 times a day. 


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Sarah Frederick said...

Well good that there are no further issues...not so fun about PT. I am avoiding mine like the plague, mainly because of cost but partially because of the time it will take, etc. Glad he's doing better!