Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Let it GO...

So I need to spend less time on Facebook-- not because I post too much, I actually don't post that much anymore.  I think I post less?  Anyway, my reasoning is because I have really been getting increasingly concerned with what OTHERS are posting...

I don't want to be worrying about that.  As my friend Brenda @ The Family Revised likes to say, "Ain't nobody got time for that!"  I certainly DO not.

For instance:

I am worried when someone says they are buying "x" and I think wow you could get it cheaper?
I am worried when someone says my kid is doing "x" and I think I have been through that I could offer advice.
I am worried when someone who professes Christianity says something like "I don't believe Jesus is the ONLY way."-- that really worries me.
I am worried when a friends daughter is on her third boyfriend and she is barely 13.
I am worried when a friend posts something about a class her kid is in and I think-- THEY NEED TRUTH!
I am worried when people start posting a BILLION work out posts and that if I don't respond they will think less of me.
I am worried that I am being a bad witness if I laugh out loud at certain things.
I am worried that I don't "like" enough, I am worried I "like" too much.
I am worried when a friend posts a certain days read from a certain popular devotion.


I don't need to be worrying about anything, but I really don't need to be thinking, fretting or spending energy on the MAJORITY of these things!

Let it GO.. Let it GO.. (to quote a popular song right now!)

I have my own stuff to think and fret about.. I don't need ANYONE else's burdens!

Lets look at my own life:

I weight too much.
I spend money badly.
My house is unorganized half the time.
I don't keep up with it like I should/could.
I am not as serious about my quiet time as I should be.
I do not have my kids studying the BIBLE as much as they should.
I deal with anger.
I worry!
I miss the mark so many of the times I aim for it!

I shouldn't be worrying about anyone elses stuff!

So for now- since I can't imagine actually NOT be on Facebook (addicted much?)

I am going to change settings on a number of my friends and NOT SEE ALL THEIR STUFF.
I am going to get on less.. I get on MUCH MORE than I actually post!)
I am going to pray when I see things that worry me, which will help MUCH more in the long run!

That's my plan.  


Sarah Frederick said...

Hiding posts is nice :) I think I've hidden about half of my friends on my feed? They don't seem to notice and I'm a little less stressed!

aneisa said...

Awesome! I am right there with ya! Great goals!