Monday, January 27, 2014

It must be documented...

So I had Mom's Night Out at my house on Saturday.. and it was great.. Dave had taken the kids out of the house for a little while and when they got home the kids were happily falling all over themselves to tell me about the incident.

Dave for WHATEVER reason unknown to MAN... decided to race Emily.


Emily won, but don't be fooled.. she ONLY one because this happened.


followed by this...

It is a possible fracture in his hand.. we have an appointment at the ortho this week.

So this morning I found THIS on Pinterest..

He is my idiot FOREVER!!!

I am just very, very glad he was hurt WORSE!


Sarah Frederick said...

Hahahaha Seriously though, glad it wasn't worse!

Brenda said...

Yeah, there are 2 typos in this post. One is a homophone. Or homonym. I get those confused. The other one I'm HOPING is a typo.