Thursday, January 2, 2014

Organization, anyone...???

This is a pretty good list.. however, not all are applicable to me!  So I am going to tweak it and make my own...and apparently making it 30 days too!  

1. weed out "Christmas" decor from winter and put away Christmas
2. My closet (hanging clothes side)
3. My closet (folding clothes side)
4. Emily's closet supplies
6. Books our bedroom shelf
7. Photo books
8. DVD area (including actual cases and electronic drawer
9. My dresser in bathroom
10. Emily's dresser and white cabinet
11. 2 dressers in my room
12. Gun closet 
13. Pantry
15. Refrigerator
16. laundry 
17. Car
18. Board games (upstairs and down)
19. Brown cabinet by door
20. Bathroom drawers/ cabinet
21. Kitchen drawers
22. Craft/ office supplies
23. Jewelry/ coats
24. White cabinet dining
25. Desk area upstairs
26. Mail/ bills
27. Shred documents 
28. Kitchen cabinets 
29. Book shelves school room
30. Closet upstairs hallway 

So today I am weeding out Christmas stuff!!  Need to get this house under control, seriously!!!

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