Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Life is busier NOT less busier, but I know it is a season.  I need it to be a season!
Who doesn't want to look forward and THINK it's going to get less busy or easier... 

But I am excited about doing things right now.

1. I often DO better the busier I am-- weird but it's how I work.

2.  The things we are busy with are such good things!

3. And it's a new semester and the "shine" hasn't worn off yet!

I am getting the hang of our "newest" schedule.  

We are moving along nicely in school.  

I am very grateful and appreciative for our second vehicle right now as our schedule has gotten crazier!!! 

So to the big BUT,

The house.  

It is a wreck.  The kids are not doing their chores-- and it is not always their fault. 

I need to seriously tweek our chore chart and wake up earlier and go to bed later and hire a maid!

Seriously,  I have tomorrow as a FULL day at home! I do not have to leave for anything!  And school is priority but a very close second to that is cleaning!

Is a pin that is a deep cleaning schedule and list and I have plans to work on it!

I also have my (mostly undone) 28 Days of organizing!!

So in between the teaching, checking, lecturing, organizing, and researching I will be spring cleaning! 

Well that's my plan tonight anyway!! 

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