Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas 2013

We have had a busy December , hasn't everyone!  I have the past few years had this strange sense of going through the motions during December and not really remembering it all but once I got into the spirit... Took me until mid December... I was fine this year.  I actually enjoyed it! This might have to do with the fact that a number of "traditions" got left out this year-- allowing us to be >less busy. Normally it would kill me to have skipped a tradition!!! This year I was like "meh".

Hmmm.  Maybe I wasn't as into the "spirit" as I thought! 

Any hoo, it was still a great holiday filled with special times, family and friends, love and laughter! 

I am going to back up all the way to December 1...

Week 1.

We had our choir Christmas party..which I was in charge of.. Whew! I was glad when that was marked off the list!  

There were games, crafts and Christmas tree decorating snacks! 

I had multiple doctors appointments...sigh

And ended with our Winter Concert!

Week. 2

This week ended our choir semester with ministry day...

Sorry for the bad pic-- it was terribly crowded! 

We FINALLY got our tree decorated! It sat for a week and a half!

Then on Thursday we had our homeschool support group party--- which I don't have a single picture of!

And that evening The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug for a midnight showing!!!

We ate at Denny's first-- for their special hobbit menu 

and then went to sit in line for 4 hours to start a 3 hour movie at 12:01.  Yes, crazy!

Good times!

We ended that week with our homeschool young adults having a Christmas party her at our house and it was so much fun! 

We ate, played games went on a scavenger hunt for lights and canned goods.. A Merry time was had by all! 

Week 3

We had cancellations due to sick kids early in the week but ended the week with making a lot of goodies for Dave's work party!

We got to go see a dear friend at his school winter concert!

Matt was just ready to leave!

We picked up friends from early dismissal on Friday and had a great time gallivanting around Alvin... Mama Thompson let the kids find treasures at the store... Always a big hit!

Week 4

We had a nice, relaxing weekend heading into Christmas week--- did tons but yet still chilled! 

Sunday afternoon we went to Woodhaven Baptist church.. It is an all deaf church and they put on a beautiful production!!

That evening we had friends over to celebrate Christmas.... And had a wonderful time! 

Monday night we had Christmas at moms! The kids each got to open their big present from mom and dad.

Emily got Saige...
Kaitlin got a piano..

And Matt got a large LOTR Lego set (shocking I know)...
That led us to Christmas Eve with Dave's family... At our house.  It was a pretty good evening.  We were fairly relaxed and the only shots I got of the whole night was my table scape, a pic with the grandparents and dessert!

Our Christmas Eve ended with us as a family.. Sweet time.  

And everyone was off to bed!

Christmas Day!  We are not early Christmas Day risers.. The kids have NEVER gotten up that early for presents! Which is nice!

Once we got up... We ate a nice breakfast!!

And THEN opened presents and stockings!  After the flurry we all left for Christmas at my sisters house..

More presents, wonderful lunch with the grandparents, great grandparents, aunts. Uncles and cousin!

We left that evening and headed to the airport for a very special gift!! My friend who has been gone to the Ukraine adopting a little girl arrived back home in the states!!! We got to go welcome them at the airport.. Such a wonderful way to end Christmas Day !!!

So many prayers for this little girl!!! 

We got back home and as exhausted as we all were we headed to bed!

These last few days have been spent at home... Resting, cleaning, schooling for Kate and Matt.  I haven't stepped foot inside a store since last Tuesday!  Yeah!

Kate, Mom and I went to see Saving Mr. Banks... It is a great movie!  I was so moved by the store and will never think of my beloved Mary Poppins in quite the same way... 

Our last hurrah before New Years Eve was our tradition of a family dinner at The Taste of Texas!  Usually we go before Christmas but due to multiple circumstances we went after... 

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