Friday, January 17, 2014

Emily.. inadvertant update!

Today, which really I mean yesterday, as it is 2:13 in the morning, I had a really hard time with Emily-- school wise.  But this is not news!  We are having a problem with focus.  FOCUS, people.  I have long said that the child is ADHD.  As often as I feel that is over diagnosed or mis-diagnosed... I do believe that it is definitely a problem for some people.

"Types of ADHD

  • Combined ADHD (the most common subtype), which involves symptoms of both inattentiveness and hyperactivity/impulsivity
  • Inattentive ADHD (previously known as ADD), which is marked by impaired attention and concentration
  • Hyperactive-impulsive ADHD, which is marked by hyperactivity without inattentiveness"

A few symptoms of Inattentive ADHD (used to be ADD-- no huge hyperactivity)

cant pay attention-- easily makes mistakes
easily distracted-- often leaves task at hand to tend to other things
cant keep at a task
hard time finishing things or concentrating
moves from one unfinished activity to another
fails to complete tasks
conversation is shifted easily.. does not listen or pay attention to conversation


Hyperactivity symptoms
  • Fidgeting, squirming when seated
  • Getting up frequently to walk or run around
  • Running or climbing excessively when it's inappropriate (in teens this may appear as restlessness)
  • Having difficulty playing quietly or engaging in quiet leisure activities
  • Always being 'on the go'
  • Often talking excessively

Does anyone SEE Emily here? 

On one online test.. she fell in the 95% for hyperactivity/ adhd.  Um. Yeah.

She can concentrate of some things--- as we know the symptoms do not happen 24/7 and most ADHD kids ARE able to concentrate...  BUT my problem does not happen when she IS paying attention.... it is the 80% of the time that she is not.


Me: calls Emily (who is supposed to be sitting at the table working)
Emily: yes, from upstairs
ME: what are you doing
Emily: playing
ME: why are you not doing your worksheet
Emily: I went to the bathroom
ME: and when you left the bathroom why did you not get back to work???
Emily: shrugs.. I forgot.
ME: well you cant forget!  Go get your work-- (WHICH WAS NOT ON THE TABLE)
Emily: I cant find it
Me: what do you mean.... you cant find your papers?
Emily: yes
ME: when did you last have them?
Emily: by Riley's kennel
ME: why weren't you at the table
Emily: well I was but then I went to read by Riley
ME:  where did you go after that?
Emily: well...

AND THIS WENT ON FOR TEN MINUTES-- those papers never were found.  I have NO idea where they are.  I reprinted them, made her pay me fifty cents per page I had to reprint and reminded her to STAY at the table!!!
 *** added to say the papers were found in Kaitlins room, on top of Amanda's cage a week later.***

5 minutes later after getting her worksheet-- she was NOT AT THE TABLE.

and the day rolls on.

It is constantly like this.. day in and day out.  C.O.N.S.T.A.N.T.L.Y.     

So measures need to be taken!

1. Routine.  We are going to try to establish a routine for her... this never seems to work well in our family.. but truly we are going to have to suck it up and do it anyway... if over a number of weeks (8) I do not see improvement.. we can go back to our unscheduled, schedule!

2. Massage.  We are going to do a deep pressure massage with slightly warmed olive oil.. starting with her feet and having her sleep in socks.  We can do more if it helps.  She has trouble getting to sleep so I am hoping this will help with that too.

3. Vitamins.  I plan to give her Vitamin B namely B6, B9 and B12 (no more than 50mg), Fish Oil (100 mg)  and Natural Calm (magnesium supplement)

4. Unplug.  Trying to limit electronics for stimulants. (although she DOES focus on them-- but I want to use that for when I need her to chill, more of a reward-- not just anytime)  We will try to invest in puzzles, games, more cooking, art, outdoor activities.

5. Whole food.  This is always a hard one... but we have already attempted removing EVERYTHING dyes, MSG, Chemicals etc... to pretty much no effect-- minus a little less whininess.. which is great but REALLY not worth the effort (YES I UNDERSTAND other health benefits!)    But offering whole grains, fruits, vegetables... just in general if better.

6. PLANS.  I know this sounds weird-- but setting up play dates, field trips, outing, activities and having it on a huge calendar for her is GREAT.. She sees it and will work for it!  It excites her and gives her reason to finish "x" more timely. 

So that is my plan.  Of course I need enough TIME in my day (preferably sans headaches) to actually make a calendar, plan a routine, shop for whole foods, plan a limited number of outings... etc, etc, etc.

I wrote this a NUMBER of weeks ago, and we still have not implemented everything just had a crazy fall!  But we have implemented some of them and we have seen a SLIGHT modification in behavior.  This allows me to at least feel we are on the right track.  My personal plan is to continue (while fully implementing) till around her birthday and at that point to look at other possible remedies (i.e. meds)

She is doing good in school (when I get her to concentrate), and we are back in the school room so I am THERE to monitor her.  We have shifted a few school routines and it seems to work better for her.

So here is your update!

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5 Boys and a Princess said...

Have you looked at the Feingold diet? Our friends use it for their boys (all 7 of them) and have great success. I know one of the big stimulant foods is apples- I know crazy, huh!?!? But I've worked with their oldest and seen him after he's had a few pieces of apple in the VBS snack and its crazy the difference it makes.