Thursday, January 30, 2014

To be or not to be.... and learning about Shakespeare. Part 1

We decided to enter into the land of MANY WORDS..

Matt had taken a interest in Shakespeare... and Emily has not had an introduction to Shakespeare... it starts in unit 2 of TOG, but I want to go a little deeper so we started early!

We started with my book about Shakespeare's Globe by Aliki.  I have had this for years, it was one of those awesome buys from Half Price. A real treasure find!

Then we acted out a scene from Romeo and Juliet with the above book...

After we were finished being dramatic-- sorry no video--- we read Romeo and Juliet (a retelling)
by Lois Burdett

it is all in rhyme and it was fun to pause and have Emily guess what the rhymed word would be...

Then Emily colored a picture of Romeo declaring his love at Juliet's balcony...

Then we watched a Romeo and Juliet animated cartoon from the BBC found here...

I got a LOAD of printables from here.

And a LOT from Jimmies (which is an invaluable resource!!)

We will move onto another story and continue on with our Shakespeare unit study.

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