Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Sum up: Week Jan 13-17

These Sunday Sum Ups are going to drive me crazy because our school week runs Wed to Tuesday to accommodate our school schedule... I might change to Wednesday Weekly Wrap Ups!!

So next week might be different! 


Monday started and finished gloriously! I can't rave on Monday enough!

 "Car schooling on the IPhone Kindle App"

She is currently reading Personal Reflections of Joan of Arc by Mark Twain.

Matt doesn't read in the car-- makes him sick, so he loses a lot of time traveling!! 

Emily's assignments at Choir... She hit all but Famous Men which mommy forgot! 

She really enjoyed Young Guinevere.. 

I found this abridged version of Men of Iron at a thrift store for 40 cents!! Can't be beaten!! 


Emily is I think 3 lessons away from finishing Saxon 5/6.  Yeah!

Kate had her first ART class at the Glassel School of Art downtown at the Museum of Fine Arts... SOUNDS hoity toity doesn't it!  Well it is!  :0)  It is why we choose it. I know that over the next few years there will only be SO much time to do all the things we WANT to do with the kids and if we are going to take the time/ expense/ effort-- we should do it right!

I love those fountains!

We started reading THE GIVER last night-- we were supposed to start it a few days ago.. but... you know!  Anyway-- we started  and got to Chap 9 last night.  There is so much in it that saddens me.. I choked up during a discussion about "birthmothers" and how there was NO honor in that job.. So very sad.  It was very emotional when you believe so strongly in the incredible calling that motherhood is!


We gave Emily a placement test and she passed 5/6 with flying colors and then proceeded to pass 6/5 with flying colors! So we are going to try 7/6 and if we just hit a wall we can go back to 6/5.

We did some science experiments today.  We are learning about Volume and Density!

We tested an egg in plain water and an egg in salt water to SEE what would happen.  Emily's hypothesis that the egg would float in the salt water was right no!  And she could explain why.  WHOO HOO.

We also added food color and different amounts of salt to water and used a straw to see how the colors would stay seperate because of the differences in density..

Another good school day under our belt!


Emily and I got to go visit a dear friend!!! And the girls played while us moms knitted!

We had lunch together and I rushed home to host our book club for The Giver.  

It went great and we had a great discussion time!


Mom moved today... Just from one apartment to another but still lots of work!  Thankfully they hired movers so we didn't have to work!  :0)

But we did go over to check out the apartment! 

It's beautiful! 

We got some school done-- Latin quizzes, Tapestry of Grace... 

And another great week!! 

We did a lot of car schooling... Any bit and every bit of time helps!!

He's crazy! 


Brenda said...

I think Matt has hit on something with this "I can't read in the car" thing!!! Homeboy sittin there enjoying the ride......and behind in school!! Hmmm....

Brenda said...

I think Matt has hit on something with this "I get sick in the car" thing! Homeboy sittin there all enjoying the ride....behind in school....hmmm...