Friday, January 10, 2014

Keepers of the Faith-- Jan 10 meeting

We had a GREAT meeting today!  We went to the mall..rode a carousel... went to the American Girl Store.. ate at their bistro... worked on our etiquette badge.

Man being in a club is hard work!!


Baby Bee was so excited!

We were a little unconventional and brought supplies to work on invitations for the tea party the girls are hosting.. 

We just spread out and the girls went to work!

They had a little help... :o)

After that we had an etiquette lesson...and finally it was time to go to the American Girl Store and meet Isabelle, the new girl of the year.

The girls "window" shopped, with big dreams and then we went to the bistro..

Bee was so sweet to her Sonia..

Emily's first trip with Saige!!

Bee enjoying her dessert! Who can help but post these pics!!!

Our Keepers Club!!

It was a productive meeting and FUN too!!

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Brenda said...

Ah!! You got GREAT pics!!! My favorite was the guys that walked by and said "'s something for dolls."