Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Sum Up: Week 20-24

This has been a busy but, successful week!


We started Monday with choir as usual!

All the kids worked pretty hard, Emily had a really great day-- I will say towards the end she was in tears but it was because I inadvertently broke her heart with news that all the stories about King Arthur...were stories.  Fiction in fact. 

She was brokenhearted! In fact I handed her the story Chanticleer and the Fox the next day and she was like "is this story real because I really don't want another story that isn't real!"

I, of course told her to get over that quick but I do feel bad for her... She was really sad! :0(

Anyway.. Kaitlin started piano lessons!  Her friend Victoria who has taken for years is teaching her-- if she picks it up and enjoys it we will go from there. 

Emily finally used her Rainbow Loom!  Some of the kids at choir were doing it and I whipped hers out of my bag and said GO LEARN!  And she loved it!


Matt had her first "real" day of PT. Fun!

 I must say I am glad he is only on a stationary bike! 

We did school-- Emiky finished up some science experiments and made a lava lamp!

Later that day Kate had art and we met a friend at the farmers market-- there were so many yummy things!  I WILL not be able to go there every week!

After that Kate went to a new sign class-- ASL 1-- I am excited for her!

It makes for a long day!! 


It was a full day of school today!  Loads of work-- lots of discussion.  I LOVE these days!! I want so badly to make time for more!!

Emily finished her Saxon 5/6 book-- she had a few Investigations to finish... And has a whole week off of math!! Her prize!

It was just a good day! 


Matt had physical therapy, 

we came hone worked on school and promptly left for book club/ gym day.

After gym day we went to a friends house and after that we came home to prepare for ICE APOCALYPSE 2014!


Emily ended up having a friend over.. 

They had a blast hunting and destroying icicles... 

Matt had therapy again...

Kate and Matt worked mostly all day.

Overall it was a good day ! 

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