Saturday, January 25, 2014

Kate's art

I am amazed by artists.. The ability to see a picture in their head and put ink to canvas...

I have no such skill.  Kaitlin who has been graced with MANY abilities... Does! 

I am proud of her for branching out and attempting new mediums..

She prefers pencil and sketching.. 

But has recently attempted watercolor paint and will put her hand to charcoal in an art class this semester! 

She is so very talented and I have no idea where it comes from!! She is an enigma!

She draws/ doodles/ sketches all the time!  In past years it has gotten her I trouble but at this point she appears to have established herself some boundaries!  

Although every once in a while she is caught sketching instead of schooling-- often a gentle reminder to stay on task 

because I believe that creativity allows  our brains to ebb and flow better!  But when it gets to much, we rein her in. 

Definitely talented... Can't wait to see where it takes her.  

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