Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow Day... 2014

Well Snow Day is kindof a misnomer truthfully.  We had about 12 flurries, a little sleet, there are a few icicles and rain.

Nobody worry about us.. we have food and water.  :0)

Everyone on Facebook is making fun of the "storm"  and I get that, but truthfully regardless of whether it is ICE APOCALYPSE 2014 or not.. it is NOT the norm for our neck of the woods.  So staying home and off the roads for any potential ice is really just wise.

However, most kids have the day off school and last Friday my kids did not!  Today however we did take most of the day to laze around and watch school movies.  So it was at least a break from the normal grind.

We started off with everyone sleeping in a little late-- which was nice.  I hadn't gotten TO sleep until around 4:00 and woke up at 6:30 and again at 7:00 and again at 7:30 and finally was happy to just lay there NOT sleeping but also not getting up!

We watched Francis of Assisi (1961)  It was seriously like the most boring movie ever.. I can't believe the kids even made it through. But alas they did and we know just how UN-HISTORICALLY accurate the movie was to begin with-- why make movies that are inaccurate?  I just don't get it.  If it is IMPORTANT or exciting enough to MAKE a movie about in the first place why not stick with the facts?

I digress.

Then we watched Robinhood.  Well not Emily.. she played upstairs.  I started and stopped the movie a few times to explain or discuss but overall we just watched it.

and we HAD to watch the Bryan Adams music video... of course.  :0)

Next we started the Robinhood BBC series which I watched last year and LOVED.  It is on Netflix so we will be going through it over the evening and next few days...

Overall a successful snow/ school day!!


Christy Foss said...

hahaha!!! I love that you had them watch the Bryan Adams video! Soooo something I would have done! :-)

Brenda said...

I've wanted Sweetheart to see that movie so many times but some of the scenes just make me cringe. Maybe I haven't seen it awhile but I'm remembering some yiker moments!