Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday, Monday...

It's like that Mamma's and the Pappa's song... Except mine turned out pretty great.  

Some days are just calm.  I know there are reasons:

More sleep, how I feel, how I react, the kids emotions, how the kids react...

Today was JUST one of those days that went well.  Things just worked out and fell into place.. The kids behaved.  

We left at 9:00 for choir and walked in the door at 7:30... And I did bark out out a few orders for chores.. But really other than that it was a gift if a day. 

I know THIS had a lot to do with it...

She woke up and the day was well.

You wouldn't think so much of our day would revolve around one 10 year olds temperament but it simply does some days.    Sigh.  I am just keeping it real.

It's not solely her fault of course.. I take the blame for poor food choices, lack of sleep, disturbances in the routine... And most of all MY REACTION to her. 

She is cleansed, had her books packed. Ready for choir, Natural Calm drink in hand,reading freely .. All SMILES!!

We had VERY few disturbances today!  Here's hoping for tomorrow!! 

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